saranda waterfront


Saranda Urban Waterfront is a busy tourist destination lacking good public spaces and services. The 1.2 km long rehabilitation project is conceived as a vast outdoor stage nearly doubling the public space, harmonizing the existing elements, and accommodating new facilities and recreational activities for a much-improved visitor experience.

Saranda is a port city and the main tourism gateway of South Albania. Saranda’s mild climate, its strategic location opposite of Corfu Island and the increasing connectivity by waterways grant the city a steady annual growth of tourists and a longer tourist season than other coastal towns have. Due to this success, the city and its central waterfront are overcrowded in the summer, especially at night when locals and tourists go out to promenade on the waterfront boulevard.

During post-communism Saranda has experienced an extreme uncontrolled urban growth resulting in the highly dense city structure present today straining public services and quality of urban life. Also the existing waterfront was a patchwork of single interventions, an aging infrastructure and insufficient quantity and quality of public space, greenery, and recreational assets.

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