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The Central Laboratory of the Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary is a department of the National Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (ISUV) and is planned to be the technologically most advanced and important veterinary laboratory in Albania. The laboratories under question are related to diagnostics of bacterial, viral and parasite diseases of the animal population in Albania.

The base for this project has been the ruin of a partially demolished concrete skeleton and former project idea. Before intervening with the new project nature already started recapturing its territory – giving the place an almost romantic notion.

Designing a laboratory complying with biohazard level 2-3 standards is a complex and highly regulated technical endeavor regarding organizing an efficient circulation for laboratory technicians and veterinary samples and simultaneously guaranteeing a separation into different purity levels. Therefore the building is split into two separate blocks for administration and laboratory operations only connected via the Southern public lobby space. The laboratory operates on two levels and is not accessible to the public. Contagious samples have to be delivered at basement level on the North side and then get distributed to the ground floor via a central sample elevator.